Directcryptonews is a company founded by crypto experts for crypto enthusiasts and for newcomers wishing to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies. We started our journey with the idea that everyone should have access to quality and reliable information about digital assets in order to make informed decisions about investing in crypto. Behind Directcryptonews is a team of experts with extensive cryptocurrency experience so that all the information we provide is accurate and reliable.

Our Mission 

From its introduction in 2009 until today, crypto has come a long way to become available to everyone as a new form of money to pay for goods and services, as a digital asset for short and long-term investments, and as a decentralized financial system offering a variety of financial products like loans, crypto deposits and more. We do our best to make entering the world of cryptocurrencies as easy and painless as possible for newcomers. In addition, Directcryptonews provides all necessary information about the current state of the cryptocurrency market to keep the users informed about everything happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Our Culture

Directcryptonews believes everyone should have access to a whole new kind of financial service offered by numerous crypto projects. We have seen the enormous potential of blockchain, a decentralized ledger operating as a peer-to-peer network and serving as an underlying layer for digital tokens. When we collect and analyze data on cryptocurrencies and create our content, we clearly adhere to the following rules:

  • Up to date. The world of cryptocurrency is a volatile environment where outstanding ideas become successful projects literally every day. We keep a close eye on what’s going on in the industry in order to provide the users with reliable and useful information.
  • Focus on users. We are aware of the users’ problems and do our best to provide optimal solutions.
  • Seamless communication. The Directcryptonews team strives to listen to every user and is always ready to listen and speak.
  • Continuous learning. We recognize that knowledge is power, so we provide valuable information to you and train ourselves to be even better.
  • Neutrality. Although the cryptocurrency industry is affected by various factors, we remain outside of politics and provide unbiased information based on logic, hard data and expertise in cryptocurrencies.

Directcryptonews is a winning team with high standards of performance and delivery. We are committed to improving all aspects of our operations and are always ready to communicate with the users. To contact us, please use the contact form on this page.